Affordable Home Renovation

Choosing the Right Color Palette

Choosing the Perfect Color Palette Creating a Style That is Perfectly You. So you decided it is time to freshen up a few areas of your home with some new paint and soft furnishings. You head over to your local paint center and get lost in the sea of paint choices. Who knew that there [...]

Freshen Up To Sell

Freshen Up To Sell Tips and tricks for getting your home ready for sale A house is just that until you add your own personal touches to make it a home.  Painting walls to color coordinate to your own furniture or tastes is what having your own space is all about.  But what do you [...]

Bathroom Remodel for Less

Bathroom Remodel for Less Get Your Dream Oasis on a Budget Contrary to popular belief, the cheap bathroom remodel is absolutely attainable It can be difficult to wrap your mind around this because we have become numb to mid-to-high five-figure bathroom remodels that begin by ripping everything down to the studs. For these,  ​everything must be tossed and replaced [...]